Extreme April Fools Day Pranks

Extreme April Fools Day Pranks

These pranks are not for the weak hearted. These Extreme April Fools Day Pranks are for those who wish to unleash the devil inside of them on their unsuspected love ones. One more thing. Do these pranks at your own risk.

Prank 1

This one can get nasty but so satisfying when you pull it off. Lift off the toilet lid and put a peace of clear wrap over the toilet. Owe so nasty.

Prank 2.

Does your wife blow dry her hair. If she does good. Pour baby powder inside her hair blower. Warning she may leave you or stop the bedroom action…

Prank 3

In a place in your house without carpet. Rub butter onto the floor. Spread it out well so it just looks like a newly mopped floor. This will make the floor extremely slippery. Set up some water buckets are poo near by to make the prank for satisfying. Warning your victim could get extremely hurt. Prank at your own risk.

Prank 4

Go to the pet store. Buy A few batches of feeder Crickets. Unleash these crickets in your victims car. They will hate you. If you can think of something more terrifying than crickets go for it.

Prank 5

Run yourself a bath. Place a radio on the edge of the bath tub. Call your love one to the bath room. Say something like baby. I have to ask you something. Nonchalantly knock the radio into the bath tub. PS make sure its unplugged. Act like you are getting fried like french fries. Splash water and put a crazy look on your face and raise your voice to a high pitch. Then just laugh it off

Prank 6.

You can never lose with ex lax. Make your hubby a smoothie and pore in some liquid ex lax and go about your life. He will figure it out sooner or later

Prank 7

Identify your victim then get a friend to help and some fake looking blood substance . Put this substance in a clear plastic baggie. Leave the baggie open. But tape it to the inside of your white shirt and walk carefully. Have your friend dress in a all black hoodie and Bandanna mask. Have him walk up on you while you are with your victim and punch you in the stomach so the baggie exploded all over your shirt….and he runs off. Say I’ve been stabbed. And pretend like your dying them fall to the ground and die. How good is your acting?

Prank 8

Do you have a food processor sink. Go to the prank store and buy a severed limb. If you don’t want to buy a limb get a roast and slice one end into strips like its been mangled. Get a roast small enough to fit in a shirt sleeve. Go Home and put the severed limb or mangled roast under you sleeve. Act like something is wrong the food processor. Say something like “something is wrong with this thing” and pretend like you are trying to fix it. Or you could say “what is this, who put a sock in the food processor. If this is one of your apirl fools day pranks one of you is paying to fix it”. maybe leave out the last part. Act genuinely upset. Act like you are putting the arm with the severed limb or mangled roast into the food processor and turn it own. And get giggy with it. Stream, yell, piss, shake and moan. After your loved one is terrified show them your severed limb. Fake blood will increase the effect but a mangled roast will be pretty convincing. Fall to your knees clenching your severed limb, beg god for forgiveness and inform them of how much a fool they are.

Prank 9

Super glue your victims slippers to floor. When will slip their feet in and try to walk they will immediately fall offer. Hopefully they fall in to a wall or glass table or some poo. What can I say I am possessed

Prank 10

I will leave this one to you to get created. Please comment with your sick and twisted extreme April fools day joke.

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